The HPP Zwift Team consists of riders ranging from Zwift categories A through D.

The purpose of the team is to train and race together in a fun and positive environment. It’s not about winning at all costs but having a good race! Below are a few things about the team you should know…

1) No cheating. Please don’t mess around with your weight, height, trainer calibration, ANT+ glitches, or any other way of artificially improving your performance. You will be removed from the team/group if it becomes evident you‘re cheating or trying to cheat. Since were human weight fluctuates throughout the year, so +/- a few KGs variation from IRL isn’t a big deal. 

2) As with any amateur team IRL there won’t be any designated team leaders. During the races we’ll follow the same basic etiquette as you would with teammates IRL.

a) Don’t chase down teammates in breakaways. If you’re part of a chase group, let them tow you along but don’t take pulls. But that means being honest about your ability. If you’re the rider in the breakaway and you know you’re not going to last, let your teammates know so they have a chance to catch the break.

b) If it comes down to a bunch sprint the assumption is that we all sprint for ourselves.

c) Ultimately, this is Zwift, and we’re just a group of people racing together for fun. We’ll have more fun if we communicate as a team and deploy team tactics. Especially for those of us who race IRL, learning how to communicate, read races, and work together, makes us all better cyclists.

d) One final note on team etiquette during races.. it only applies so long as you are still getting something from the races. Zwift racing is meant to be fun and exciting. If, for example, a teammate is in a break, and they are in a good place to win, it doesn’t mean you are expected to soft pedal. You can still race your own race, do what you need to get your workout in, and enjoy yourself.

3) If you know someone who might be looking for a team, feel free to invite them to the group. We’re going to start out small and grow over the course of the fall/winter season.

4) We’re working on actual kits for anyone who is interested in purchasing one. Currently the IRL team races in Castelli kits, we may have those same kits available to us, or we may have our own. Any profit from the sales of kits will be used to provide a bursary for Junior and U23 bike racers and U30 triathletes who are seeking professional status.

5) Human Power Performance is coaching business and as such it has a reputation to maintain. Therefore in addition to cheating, inappropriate conduct will get you booted from the team. HPP is an inclusive organization and won’t tolerate any form of racism, bigotry, homophobia, misogyny, etc…

6) Add HPP to your Zwift name when possible/appropriate.